How To Increase Patient Volume In A Dental Office 

How To Increase The Number of Patient Walking Into Your Dental Office 


Frankly, it is every dentist’s dream to increase dental patients flowing into their practice.

Sadly, many dentists only dream about more patients coming in but just don’t know how to increase the volume of patients consistently.

If you are a dentist, chances are you already have some good competition in your local area.

Here are some creative ways to get your clinic more patients and set yourself apart from your competitors.


1. Decorate the office with a “warm theme”


In general, those who visit dentist’s office are nervous. So, it is a smart approach for you to decorate the office (particularly the reception area) with a warm and inviting theme.

You don’t need to exhibit pictures of surgeries, dental diseases and other horrifying instances. All that does is make  your patients even more nervous.

Instead, you can use pictures of travel, exotic sceneries, cute animals, sporting events, flowers, hobbies etc. to decorate your dental office. You can even include some personal pictures of your own.

Creating a warm environment for your patients will make them more relaxed and more prone to enjoying their treatment.

This will make them more likely to tell their friends and family about their experience and recommend your clinic to them.


2. Treat patients in a friendly manner

As the saying goes: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

This principle applies even more when you running a business.

Marketing your dental practice does not always have to include a flyer or commercial 

While working with your patients you should alway have a very friendly and professional approach. Especially with patients that you might work with that have high levels of anxiety.

Your staff must also be a part of this plan.

Greeting appropriately, escorting them to the office, and building casual rapport with incoming patients is a great way to keep new and existing ones coming back.


3. Be a good listener

Do you want more dental patients guaranteed?

Then, be a good listener. In fact, you may consider listening as a skill that is ignored too often.

Maintain good eye contact with your patients and always greet them with a smile while listening.

The more you listen the more comfortable your patients will be.

Patients will corporate more when they realize that you are a good listener and recommend you as well.


4. Keep in touch with the patients

We always recommend staying in touch with your patients throughout the year.

Most dentist only speak with their patients when its time for them to visit again.

Setting up a system where you contact your patients in a professional and friendly manner to answer any questions they might have about their dental hygiene will set you miles apart from your local associates.

In addition, you can maintain a data base of your patients and send them occasional greetings.

Birthday wishes, happy holidays and 4th of July wishes are some special greetings you can consider.

But, make sure that you don’t use cheap methods; let them feel special and valued.

What you invest in these types of greetings (or any other strategy to keep in touch) you will yield a positive ROI before you know it.

Having such a personal approach will get you more dental patients guaranteed.


5. Be unique

It’s true that you provide dental treatments. However, you should try developing something unique about the service you offer.

For instance, you can try making your services more patient-oriented than others.

You can assign one of your staff members to call, text or email your existing clients (patients) occasionally and ask about the progress of their recently received treatment.

Anything that you can do to help set yourself apart and make you different (in a good way) will help you increase your volume of dental patients that walk through your day.

No matter which tactic your choose to implement remember that you cannot expect miracles overnight.

However, if you adhere to the points mentioned above, you can get more dental patients guaranteed over time.

Any one of these tips is a surefire way to increase dental patients for your dental office.


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