How To Pick The Right Dental Marketing Agency

Choosing The Right Dental Marketing Agency For You


If you expect a steady flow of income from your dental practice, it is an absolute must that you market it correctly.

Unfortunately, many dentists fail to market their business online successfully for two main reasons.

Either they don’t know how, or they think that it will take up to much time and energy to do it effectively.

Sadly as a result they decide to not do any type of online marketing for their business which is a BIG mistake.

This is where you need the assistance of a quality, well experienced and results-oriented dental marketing company.

For many dentists, selecting the best dental marketing agency can be a challenging task.

That said, this article comprises of some valuable points on how to pick the right dental marketing company for you and your business. 


Ask around

One of the most effective ways to find a good dental marketing agency is to ask around.

You can utilize your contacts (your colleagues, suppliers, friends etc.) and see if they know a good dental marketing company that actually deliver the results.

In fact, word of mouth is an exceptionally powerful tool you can use when looking for a good service provider.


Do your research 

Every (serious) business maintains a website and a social media profile these days.

When it comes to a vendor like a dental marketing agency, having a strong online presence is a must.

The question is pretty simple – if they cannot market their own business online, how can they market yours?

So, be sure to look for marketing companies that have a website and a social media presence.

Both of these aspects will provide you an idea about the quality and professionalism of the potential dental marketing company.


Prepare a list of potential agencies

Now that you have asked around and performed Google searches, you should prepare a list of potential dental marketing agencies.

This does not need to be a long list of hundreds of marketing agencies; limit it to a maximum of 10 dental agencies (If you can get down to 5 that is even better).

Once your list is created, it’s a matter of going through what they offer to you, the cost, specialties etc. and refining the list.

We recommend creating a pros and cons list for each agency on your list. Figure out what each one has to offer that is unique to you as well some set backs that they might have. 

This will help you organize your thoughts more efficiently and make it easier for you to come up with a final decision. 


Look for specific vs general

Like with any other industry, there are special unique strategies and tactics that will be most effective when marketing a dental practice. 

So, it is crucial for you to prefer a marketing company that has adequate experience and knowledge about the operation of a dental practice.

Don’t just pick a marketing agency just because they have experience. Sometimes choosing an agency that specializes in a particular industry can go much further. 

A digital marketing agency that focuses specifically and exclusively with dentists is your best bet.

Although this does not always have to be the case, chances are they will have experience with dealing with exactly what you need and will be best equipped to provide that solution for you. 

They will also be able to give you helpful marketing tips in addition to the services they provide. 

You shouldn’t hesitate to call them or meet them in personal to ask questions and get more information when it comes down to narrowing your list. 


Ask for data that proves the claims they make

Marketing agencies can claim a lot of things in order to win the hearts of the clients like you.

However, you shouldn’t fall into a dental marketing agency just because they ‘claim’ that they are the best.

Instead, you should ask for reliable data that proves their claims.

For instance, you can ask for a list of dental practices they have dealt with and get an idea about their service.

They should have ample ways of getting more paying customers into your office and experience doing that for other practices. 

You can also ask for testimonial and referrals from other clients that may have use the dental marketing agency to get a sense of how the working relationship was. 


Make a decision

After determining all the factors mentioned above, you should compare the prices they offer you.

However, don’t pick a dental marketing company just because they are the cheapest.

Instead, look for a service that offers affordable prices while still providing exceptional quality.

Besides, you should analyze their professionalism before hiring them (how they listen to you, how they answer phone calls, the way they answer your questions etc.)

Hiring the right dental marketing agency for your practice can bring extraordinary results to your business and financial goals. 


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