Top 5 Dental Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Practice

Dental Marketing Ideas To Help You Grow Your Business


If you constantly find yourself struggling to find new patients or keep existing ones, you are not alone. Good news is that these dental marketing ideas will help. 

One of the most common mistakes dentists make is overlooking the importance of having a proper dental marketing strategy in place. 

How can more patients come to you if they barely know you exist? 

From a patients’ perspective, there is no shortage of options to consider when they are looking around for a good dentist.

So, as a dentist, you should have a strong marketing plan to make your services stand out from the competition.

With that said, here are a few of the best dental marketing ideas to consider if your aim to make your dental practice a more profitable one.


Get a list of new homeowners

With a little bit of effort and minor cost, you can get access to a list of new homeowners in your neighborhood.

Such a list can be exceptionally handy as a marketing tool.

When you know there are new residents coming into town all you need to do is  send a welcome note or a card to those new neighbors.

Be sure that you use a very subtle marketing tone with your welcome card.  Just make them feel curious about your service and introduce yourself to them with a warm greeting.


Engage in your community activities

Sponsoring a couple of local events once in a while and taking part in some charity events are a great way for people to get connected with you.

While it may not seem important, this is a really effective dental marketing idea.

Attending community events, meetings and other social gathering will help you familiarize yourself around other potential clients. 

When you connect with people outside your dental clinic, they tend to feel more familiar and really comfortable with you.

Eventually, they are more likely to choose you as their dental care partner.

Also, these are great opportunities to brand your dental services outside of the office. Let them know that you care but that you are also a vibrant part of the community. 


Be active on social media

Nowadays, social media is such an active part of our every day lives. There are some that say, if its not on social media it does not exist (and there is some truth to that).

Maintaining an active social media profile is considered to be one of the best dental marketing tips to have in your arsenal.

Social media has become an inevitable aspect for any business that want to succeed in today’s economy

Many potential clients are most likely going to search for your social media and see what others say about the service.

Also, clients consider your social media to assess your credibility. The information you share over your social media profile shows your expertise and how well people know you.

Your social media platforms can be a tool to help you grow your practice by allowing you to respond to the  inquiries of new customers, and answer the questions of existing ones. 


Offer discounts

There is nothing that gets people more excited than a really good discount.

People are attracted to discounts regardless of the service or product they are buying.

This is a game changer when you can implement this technique seamlessly into your business.

Another great dental marketing idea is try to plan an attractive discount campaign for dental care plans you offer and grab the attention of the potential clients.

This is a great way for getting more patients walking through your doors. 

But, don’t try to be too cheap for the sake of offering a discount. Not only can this hurt your reputation, but it can effect the bottom line of your business as well. 

Send an e-letter

The fortune is in the follow up. On average it takes an individual 7-12 exposures before they considering buying or product or service.

Constantly staying in front of your potential clients is a good practice for attracting more paying customers.

One way you can do this is by sending out a weekly or monthly e-letter.

Find a creative way to get the email addresses of the potential clients in your neighborhood and send them an informative e-letter on regular basis.

This approach ensures that you keep in touch with your target clientele while sharing some valuable information (such as essential dental care tips etc.).

Sharing vital information that provides value to your clients is not only a great marketing idea, but it can build up your credibility and help you serve as the leading authority in your area. 


Well, those are the best dental marketing tips we have to share with you.

Choose one of the five and begin to implement them in your business today. Also, don’t be afraid of being creative and thinking outside the box.

There are always great marketing ideas you can adapt into your practice. 


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